Here some ministries that we either support financially or have partnered with in other ways:

Joseph Orphanage in Pakistan-We have been their primary donor for nearly two years.  Learn more about their great Kingdom work HERE.

Red Gone White Church of Uganda/Nsangi- This church previously known as "Uganda Life Victory Church" has been supported by RGWGM since Aug 2018.  They will be the first church (not only affiliated with RGWGM, but also completely financed and operated by RGWGM). Learn more about the resident pastor as well as this church in transition right HERE.

Universal Liberation Outreach Ministries The Gambia-We have been in grateful partnership with Pastor James Edeh of this church since the first few days of our conception as a ministry. We are also in partnership and support with him financially and logistically in his new venture known as Reigning Jesus Global Campaign.  Learn more about this bold and humble man of God and his ministries right HERE

Jesus Grace Poor Orphanage in India-It was Pastor Joel Johanan Sastry Ramanjula who obediently spoke God's call and vision over David and Robin and our future ministry now known as RGWGM. He will be hosting us for a week in India in 2019 for a Pastor's Conference and women's Conference and area ministry. RGWGM is also planning to partner with this dynamic ministry in the building of a school and orphanage.  The school is to be called the D & R Bible School. (The Discipleship and Restoration Bible School.) This school will be instrumental in the raising up and the sending out of ministers and leaders throughout India. Learn more about him and his ministry HERE.

Christian Gospel Society in India-We are working with Pastor Isaiah Kumar Jaladi. He is also hosting us in India in 2019 for a Pastor's Conference, a Women's Conference and area ministry. Learn more about him and his ministry HERE.

Garden of Prayer Life Ministry of Pakistan-We have partnered with this church in the planning and development of what will be a regional worship and training site.  Over 2 acres of sanctioned land in the middle of a Muslim region.  We have already been very instrumental in the planning and financing of the building of a church on that property.  The church went from ground breaking to completion in barely 3 months!  Next is the school and orphanage.  God is on the move! Learn more about this dynamic leader and ministry HERE

New Hope Child Outreach in Uganda-We have been financially supporting this orphan outreach since August of 2018 as well. They are doing a wonderful work for Jesus in the life of the kids affected by HIV/AIDS. To learn more about their ministry go right HERE

Christ Gospel Prayer Ministry Int'l in Ghana-We are partnering with this regional group of pastors as they cry out to God for a fresh and relevant word for the hour.  They have built their 6th Annual Pastoral and Leadership Conference around David and his message of awakening.  The theme is called "Stirring the sleeping Giant; in you, in your church, in The Church." Learn about their ministry HERE

World Evangelical Gospel Mission in Kenya- We are working with Apostle Vincent Obure and his brother Eric Obure in their evangelistic efforts.  We have merged their two churches and multiple offsites under the banner of Red Gone White. We are proud to be working with them for the kingdom's expansion in Kenya. We are also partnering with them as we raise up ordained leadership in that region. Learn more about Vincent and his outreaches HERE

Future Partners of RGWGM currently include:

Africa Rescue Vision in DR Congo-Rukira Athanase HERE.

Iseni Tubombele Pamo Organization in Zambia-Jimmy Chiyesu HERE.

Apostolic Word Ministries and Pinasol Foundation in Ghana-Solomon and Eunice Asiamah HERE

Samaritans for Children in Uganda-Andrew Muyingo HERE.

Awake for Christ Jesus Int'l Church in Ghana-Isaac Mensah HERE

Divine Apostolic Ministries in Uganda- Apostle Emmanuel Bashimimana HERE.

Harambee Church in Kenya-Moses Mukhwana HERE.

Mission New Jerusalem Good Samaritan Orphanage Int'l in Haiti-Ed and Anithe St Jean HERE

Benitho Saintil in Haiti: HERE.

Amjad Gil in India- HERE.

Elohim Jesus Christ Church in India-Devid Ramesh HERE.

....and as The Holy Spirit continues to direct and also raises up resources, there will more to come...