The story of going into Ghana roots back to barely one week after David and Robin had received the Call to become missionaries. A young man named Robert Brookman reached out to David through Facebook.  He and his Bishop father represent a coalition of about 22 churches in Ghana.  Every year for the last 5 years they have been hosting an annual Pastor's conference for their coalition Pastor leadership. By what can only be explained by The Holy Spirit, Robert reached out to David from Ghana and insisted that he was to be their Keynote speaker at the annual conference this year in December.  By this time. even though the Call was barely one week old, David and Robin had already decided to go to India for two weeks in January.  So David insisted that they should keep him in mind for the following year, BUT Robert wouldn't budge.  He very calmly affirmed that God told them that they needed to hear what David had to say and that God will make a way. David asked him to reach out in a month to see how things were developing.  Robert respectful disappeared and then re-appeared one month later as agreed.  By then a great deal had changed (including David's walking away from his 12 year career with Cintas Corp.) From there the two of them set a prospective date for the Conference and began asking God to make a way.  This Conference commitment was the first stake in the ground as far as Africa goes. The Kenya trip came about because of how it related to that date.  The Uganda trip came about because of its proximity to Kenya.  David feels that he owes whatever ministries that grow from this first tour to Robert and his vision and faithfulness. 

From the moment David landed in Ghana he could tell that these were humble, thoughtful, servant-minded people that he was dealing with.  They showed the utmost of respect to him. His first three days were spent in the village of Mankessim, Ghana.  This is where Robert's grandfather first established their Church 40 years earlier.  David stayed with Robert's father and Bishop Daniel Amissah at the home of his friend Evangelist Peter Sam.  Peter was fresh off a preaching tour through Germany, London and Portugal.  The time spent with Peter was excellent in confirming that David is perfectly where God wants him.  It was also educational and strengthening for David.  

While in Mankessim, not only did David preach his message at the Pastor's Conference, but also for three evenings at the local church's Christmas celebrations.  The conference theme chosen by David was "Stirring the Sleeping Giant: in You, in Your Church and in THE Church." This message was extremely well received.  While in Mankessim, David was taken on an excursion getaway day.  They went to Cape Coast for the day.  While there he walked on a Canopy rope walk system that hangs well above the forrested beauty in Ghana.  He also went on a boat ride and touched a crocodile.  From there he was brought to the downtown district of Cape Coast where he was able to interact up close an personal with many of the locals and to enjoy a castle and an oceanside view and colony. 

Later David was relocated to a village called Abakrampa.  This was Robert's childhood hometown.  David met many of his friends and family and neighbors as the walked many of the side roads and alleys.  While in Abakrampa, David was slated as the keynote speaker at their main conference's Christmas Convention. The Theme of this event was "Live to Please God".  Over the next four days David preached four more messages prepared specifically for that venue and crowd.  He was also brought to some more remote sites to meet the leadership teams, to see what is in place and to share and cast vision as well.  

When David entered Ghana, he had in hand a Church constitution that he had written for a church in Uganda that He and Robin had founded.  While getting to know Robert and his father the Bishop Daniel Amissah, David invited them to read the constitution while also taking the time to read theirs.  You can check it out also right here...RGWGM_Constitution_less_cover.pdf.

By the end of the week, they all understood each other's philosophies, theologies, visions and ways very well.  It became clear and obvious that Red Gone White Global Ministries and Christ Gospel Prayer Ministry International were meant to form a formal Partnership moving forward.  In this Partnership each one agrees to do the following for the other: "To Pray for, to Promote and to Support financially as The Lord leads and allows."

As a parting gift, David received from these special friends a custom made African formal outfit.  He wore this during his last time publicly preaching in Ghana as well as for his whole ride home.  (Robert insisted on that because he wanted to make sure that everyone knew that David had just left Africa...Haha.)

David has many other friends and ministry leaders in Ghana that time did not allow a proper connection with.  So he is certain to be going back to Ghana to see what else God has in store there.  

Over the seven day visit in Ghana, David preached 11 times.