Kenya was interesting in that it was the only country that we actually prayed for God to raise up a church or organization for us to work with.  First off, understand that we did not pursue a single association, relationship or partnership along the way.  Every single one of them found us and continued to initiate conversations and to request our services, resources and/or message. However, early on out of Kenya we had met an exceptional young man named Shaban Solomon. We formed a parent-son relationship with him.  He is extremely gifted and anointed in the things of God.  It wasn't long before we all knew that he was meant to be part of this ministry.  And it seemed a shame for us to have 'feet on the ground' in Kenya, but no one to work with there.  This is why we started to pray for a door to open there.  In very short order we began talking daily with a Pastor in Kenya who found us like the others and wanted us to go to him.  His name is Vincent Obure. By the time David met Vincent, David had already been invited to be the sole presenter at a Pastor's Conference in Ghana.  Vincent told David about a week long street Crusade he was going to be doing.  The dates worked so well with the Ghana commitment that David decided to go and be a part of this crusade.  It was after setting the dates for the Kenya trip that David realized the opportunity to also go to Uganda.  Check out the story around that trip right HERE

Coming off the Uganda trip, we had just launched our ministry and a new church in Nsangi.  As a result of that process, we had a newly written Church Constitution in hand. (Read the constitution right here...RGWGM_Constitution_less_cover.pdf).  As we met our new friends in Kenya, they were very interested in what we had to say in this document.  We met two brothers (Vincent and his brother Eric).  These are both Pastors in the same area and have their own churches and school and off-sites.

Prior to our leaving for Africa David and Robin had JUST gotten ordained in order to strengthen their presence on a global level.  The word started coming to them through Vincent that they should come prepared to ordain and establish leaders.  Through reaching upward into the organization that ordained them, it became very evident that God was approving of this.  From there we designed our first Ordination Certificate.  Check it out HERE. 

Also note that Robin had returned home by then but that David was met in Kenya by his assistant Shaban Solomon. Over the course of the following week David and Shaban engaged heavily with both of these Kenya Pastors and all of their leadership teams.  They were involved with the week long open crusade and spoke directly to the youth and worship teams and preaching at each of their churches and became familiar with all of their off site churches and ministries (including a school which miraculously meets the needs of nearly 100 kids on a shoestring budget but with stellar leadership.) They engaged and preached at a funeral of a young 32 yo man as well.  By the end of the week, Vincent and Eric became intimately familiar with their message, their ways and their vision.  As well as the other way around.  Vincent and Eric were functioning under two banners, but feeling the need to unify more and more to be a stronger representation to the community on behalf of The Kingdom. 

So what made sense to everyone was for them to ALSO become Red Gone White Churches.  This served to unify them, and put the two churches under a single banner while also setting their eyes and leadership squarely on an End Times vision of ministry and the urgency that comes with it.  David and Shaban crafted a contract and left them copies of the constitution.  You can read a copy of each right here. 
Contract_of_Affiliation_RGWC.pdf and RGWGM_Constitution_less_cover.pdf.

Also by the end of the week Shaban and David had thoroughly met and interviewed and ministered with all of the candidates for ordination.  Shaban will be following up with these churches on a regular basis and ordinations and commissions will follow.

The last order of business before David's departure was his having the great pleasure and honor of publicly setting aside Shaban as a fully Ordained minister of the Gospel.  It was a beautiful service and established him as RGWGM's fully equipped representation in Africa.  Moving forward, Shaban (upon agreement with David and Robin) has the authority to also Ordain and establish more leadership in these and other churches. 

After six days of ministry in Kenya David was able to preach seven times.