One week from leaving the USA


We are in a season of harvest.  Not just pumpkins and squash, but it is time to reap souls and to advance the Kingdom of God.  God could accomplish His will by the mere utterance of a single word.  BUT by some unfathomable mystery, He has chosen to accomplish His bidding through YOU and me!  Please be in prayer and meditation as to exactly what it is that God is trying to say or to do to, through, for and despite you today.


Week one in Africa


Enough for now about what we are trying to do on this trip.  Remember that the reason we are doing this is because 'the hour is near'.  There is no time to waste.  I live like Jesus could come back TODAY. why?  because according to Scripture and prophesy...He could!


Let the Games Begin


What I am greatly reminded of in all of this is that Jesus is coming SOON!  We are in the Final Days. You will be hard-pressed to find an evangelical leader who would not agree with me on that point.  And so where do you stand with God?  What is the call on YOUR life?  What are you doing to move in faith and boldness in the direction of God's will for YOU?   It is vital that all of God's children give Him their ears and their hearts and their hands and their mouths.  Your time is NOW to ask God about His purposes for you.  If you ask, He will certainly reveal them to you.