The Call of Elisha


 -Elisha was just leading an ordinary life.

 -He grew up watching his father plowing the farm and upon maturity it was his time to take over his father’s farm/job/responsibility.

 -Being the leader, he was managing from behind to ensure that everything was done in order by all the eleven ahead of him

 -But still, it must have been boring for him to do the ordinary… pointing to the fact that he was a man of Destiny. Men of destiny have a certain zeal that can't be quenched until they accomplish their God-Given Desires.


The Wells of Salvation


What is Joy???

Joy is among the many fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Hence pure joy only comes and dwells in those who have received Jesus Christ for He is The Ultimate Root of the Holy Spirit, for "He the Holy Spirit" only does that which He is instructed to do by Jesus Christ.


So, those of the world have an illusion of joy whilst in real sense all they are experiencing is mere happiness which is temporary.  The Joy which we the sons and daughters of the Most High King have received is permanent, whether things are good or not going according to our desires.



Father's Love Letter

I have been going through a season of introspection and needing to be encouraged in the Spirit and I remembered this article that I downloaded sometime back in 2016 while still working in Qatar.  It gets me through tough times and I just felt the need to share it out.
To me it's not just an article but A Reply to my letter to My Father.....I Pray that it shall be A Divine Reply to one of you who also needs it the most out there.

Be blessed and make sure to also be a blessing.


The Vinedresser's Gospel John 15:1-8

The process is painful and at times makes no sense at all especially now and in this age that we live in, there is no greater test like 'The Test of Time' but my beloved brothers and sisters The Lord God of our Father of Faith Abraham has changed not and His Promises are still tight sealed for you and your household. No matter what you are going through, His Grace is sufficient and it shall take you through.