DECEMBER of 2019

This year as David was riding back to where he would be staying, he was with Robert Brookman-Korsah and his fiancee Rita,  David noticed that the Holy Spirit was REALLY on the move already because even before they arrived at their first destination, Robert was sharing that God was calling him to evangelism and that he sees himself putting together teams of people to be sent around the world to preach and do crusades.  David smiled because only a couple days prior to that, while still in Sierra Leone, God gave David the idea of building teams of people from around the world who would be sent to do crusades, conferences, and church planting.  David and Robert will continue to develop this concept into yet another powerful ministry within Red Gone White Church.

Robert did an outstanding job hosting David as he had before.  While in Ghana, David had the opportunity to spend a few days with his friend and fellow apostolic missionary Peter Sam. He even preached at Peter's home church in a night of revival. Also staying with Peter were two brothers from the UK. Dean and Shane Brown.  They call themselves Sonz of Thunder UK. They were in Ghana gaining footage and interviews to promote a song they wrote the year before around the same time David was then in 2018. 

David also had the great pleasure of working once again with Bishop Daniel Amissah.  He is the spiritual leader of Christ Gospel Prayer Ministry International. This is a third-generation 41-year-old organization of well over 20 churches. In his travels with Bishop Daniel, David visited their headquarters in Mankessim. He preached a few days there and also toured the expansion underway as they are building there new Mission house/Administration building. Bishop Daniel also brought David to a remote village that he had ministered to maybe 10 years earlier.  David met the Town Chief and the village leaders.  This village is called Potwabin.  They have three specific needs that they requested to be taken care of.  After those needs are met, they will happily give David and RGW Church ample land to build a church and orphanage and school and whatever else is laid upon their hearts to bring to that village...Praise God!  These needs are VERY doable...just a new pump and pipe for their well (which has good water but comes up rusty because of the equipment.  Also a latrine...there is no restroom anywhere in this whole village.  And finally just a roof for their town square (maybe 20' by 20' in size). 

Later David was brought to the village of Buduatta.  Here he and his ministry partners met with the Town Chiefs. The goal was to get permission to build a church in their village.  By the time all of the negotiations were complete, they had agreed to GIVE RGWGM a building to start an orphanage and once it is up and functional, then a church can be built there as well.  This church would serve as a school in non-church service hours.  Ultimately it was agreed that the vision will include a parcel of land on which the orphans and staff can grow on and help them be self-sufficient as well as to bring a small medical facility/blood bank to serve Buduatta and the three villages immediately surrounding it. This will become a Hope Rains Foundation Orphanage. 

David also had the great pleasure of connecting with a few other ministry partners while in Ghana.  He connected with Rev Isaac Mensah and Bishop Chris Rejanct (of Believers House of Prayer Int'l Church) as a result of preaching and ministering at Steps of Christ Prophetic Ministry auditorium.  Rev Isaac is the pastor of Awake for Christ Jesus Int'l Church.  

Also while at the airport before leaving Ghana, David had a wonderful dinner meeting with his friend and co-founder of Pinasol Foundation, Solomon Asiamah

A big part of this time in Ghana was really about David gaining and growing his vision and social awareness.  Two excursions were very powerful and noteworthy.  One was a visit to an African Slave transit castle in Cape Coast.  David learned of the history and treatment of slaves for about a 400 year period of history.  He also received a clear and powerful vision/message from God regarding Red Gone White Church. That just as hundreds of thousands of Africans went through the "Door of no Return" and left in chains and in hopelessness...tens (even hundreds) of thousands of Africans will LOSE their chains and GAIN new hope as they go through the "Door of Return" and are won to Jesus as a result of this ministry!

Another noteworthy excursion was when David was brought to the burial site of Ghana's first president, Kwame Nkrumah.   And very nearby was the site where he formally declared Africa's freedom (at Blackstar Square...the second largest town square in the world).  Also nearby was yet another slave castle.

Finally, it should be noted that David returned to Robert's childhood town of Abakrampa.  There he preached a series of evenings and it culminated with David publicly ordaining Robert in front of his friends and family.  He was publicly set aside for the work of the Gospel of Christ.  Moving forward he is referred to as Reverent Robert Brookman-Korsah.

Over the 10 day visit in Ghana, David preached 9 times. 


DECEMBER of 2018

The story of going into Ghana roots back to barely one week after we had received the Call to become missionaries. A young man named Robert Brookman-Korsah reached out to David through Facebook.  He and his Bishop father represent a coalition of about 22 churches in Ghana.  Every year for the last 6 years they have been hosting an annual Pastor's conference for their coalition Pastor leadership. By what can only be explained by The Holy Spirit, Robert reached out to David from Ghana and insisted that he was to be their Keynote speaker at the annual conference that year in December.  By this time, even though the Call was barely one week old we had already decided to go to India for two weeks in January.  So David insisted that they should keep him in mind for the following year, BUT Robert wouldn't budge. 

He very calmly affirmed that God told them that they needed to hear what David had to say and that God will make a way. David asked him to reach out in a month to see how things were developing.  Robert respectful disappeared and then re-appeared one month later as agreed.  By then a great deal had changed (including David's walking away from his 12 year career with Cintas Corp.) From there the two of them set a prospective date for the Conference and began asking God to make a way.  This Conference commitment was the first stake in the ground as far as Africa goes. The Kenya trip came about because of how it related to that date.  The Uganda trip came about because of its proximity to Kenya.  David feels that he owes whatever ministries that grow from this first tour to Robert and his vision and faithfulness. 

From the moment David landed in Ghana he could tell that these were humble, thoughtful, servant-minded people that he was dealing with.  They showed the utmost respect to him. His first three days were spent in the village of Mankessim, Ghana.  This is where Robert's grandfather first established their Church 40 years earlier.  David stayed with Robert's father and Bishop Daniel Amissah at the home of his friend Evangelist Peter Sam.  Peter was fresh off a preaching tour through Germany, London, and Portugal.  The time spent with Peter was excellent in confirming that David is perfectly where God wants him.  It was also educational and strengthening for David.  

While in Mankessim, not only did David preach his message at the Pastor's Conference but also for three evenings at the local church's Christmas celebrations.  The conference theme chosen by David was "Stirring the Sleeping Giant: in You, in Your Church and in THE Church." This message was extremely well received. 

While in Mankessim, David was taken on an excursion getaway day.  They went to Cape Coast for the day.  While there, he walked on a Canopy rope walk system that hangs well above the forested beauty in Ghana.  He also went on a boat ride and touched a crocodile.  From there he was brought to the downtown district of Cape Coast where he was able to interact up close and personal with many of the locals and to enjoy a castle and an oceanside view and colony. 

Later David was relocated to a village called Abakrampa.  This was Robert's childhood hometown.  David met many of his friends and family and neighbors as the walked many of the side roads and alleys.  While in Abakrampa, David was slated as the keynote speaker at their main conference's Christmas Convention. The Theme of this event was "Live to Please God".  Over the next four days, David preached four more messages prepared specifically for that venue and crowd.  He was also brought to some more remote sites to meet the leadership teams, to see what is in place and to share and cast vision as well.  

When David entered Ghana, he had in hand a Church constitution that he had written for a church in Uganda that He and Robin had founded.  While getting to know Robert and his father the Bishop Daniel Amissah, David invited them to read the constitution while also taking the time to read theirs.  You can check it out also right here...RGWGM_Constitution_less_cover.pdf.

By the end of the week, they all understood each other's philosophies, theologies, visions, and ways very well.  It became clear and obvious that Red Gone White Global Ministries and Christ Gospel Prayer Ministry International were meant to form a formal Partnership moving forward.  In this Partnership each one agrees to do the following for the other: "To Pray for, to Promote and to Support financially as The Lord leads and allows."

As a parting gift, David received from these special friends a custom-made African formal outfit.  He wore this during his last time publicly preaching in Ghana as well as for his whole ride home.  (Robert insisted on that because he wanted to make sure that everyone knew that David had just left Africa...Haha.)

David has many other friends and ministry leaders in Ghana that time did not allow a proper connection with.  So he is certain to be going back to Ghana to see what else God has in store there.  

Over the seven day visit in Ghana, David preached 11 times. 



Vision Statement:

"Arise and shine for your light has come!" Isaiah 60:1

Mission Statement:

Preparing The Bride

Stirring the Sleeping Giant


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Previous events

Stirring The Sleeping Giant

Pastoral and Leadership Conference, Mankessim

I was invited to be the keynote speaker of the all day event.  The Theme I chose was "Stirring The Sleeping Giant". I will address the sleeping giant 'in you', 'in your church' and 'in The Church'.  The Church has been silent, impotent, dormant and invisible for far too long!  The hour is near for the return of Jesus Christ.  He is coming back for The Church, His Bride, very soon.  She must be sanctified, purified and READY.  We need to be about His business and be found faithful and Glorifying His name. There is no more time for hesitation, doubt, fear, apathy or indecision.  The fog is lifting.  The grey is melting away.  The line between black and white is getting bolder and more clearly defined.  Onto which side of the fence will you fall when He pushes you off? Here is the event flyer...

"Seeking God" Open Crusade

5 Day Long Open Crusade, Ogembo, Kisii

For the duration of the weke that I will be in Kenya, there is an open crusade taking place,  This is hosted by The World Evangelical Gospel Mission Church in Kisii, Kenya.  This church was founded by Apostle Vincent Obure.  He will be very instrumental in the expansion of the Kingdom's cause in Kenya and beyond.  It will be my pleasure to serve with him in his community during this crusade and preaching at his home church on Sunday morning 12/16/18.

Official Launch of Red Gone White Global Ministries

RGW Global Ministries Official Launch, Masaka Rd, Nsangi

This is the first stop of very many countries that God has arranged for us to partner with in the expansion of His kingdom.  This celebration not only will establish this ministry as legitimate and officially "open", But we are also celebrating the Launch of RED GONE WHITE Church of Uganda/Nsangi!!! Literally over 1000 hours of prayer and fasting have gone into laying the foundation of this ministry, this Church and this celebration.  And we are also featuring the regionally renowned and award-winning worship dance team "Joyful Generation".   Watch for opportunity to engage and/or to Follow.