DECEMBER of 2019

After David left Kenya last year, many people continued to reach out to him.  Not only were a great many of them from Kenya, but he noticed that they were from a specific region within Kenya.  Many of them wanted to meet him personally on his next trip and many of them claimed to be pastors or orphanage overseers.  So it seemed like the best way to connect with most of them was to bring them all to him.  David decided to host and to present a conference for leaders. Through a process of elimination, he settled on East Africa Community Church as the site for his conference.  It is headquartered in Sengera. 

He was led to choose the theme of "Building Up Unity/Tearing Down Walls".  This theme REALLY touched a nerve in that region.  Many people tipped their hands and showed their true colors.  And many people were inspired to make significant Kingdom-minded changes.  David ended up preaching 25 times in only 12 days on this same topic...he did not repeat a sermon.  There is so much that God has to say about unity and division within His family. This was a two-day conference with 5 speakers including a guest from Uganda, Pastor Hamza Mubiru of the Red Gone White Church in Nsangi, Uganda. The other speakers (besides David), were Rev Shaban Solomon, RGWGM's East Africa Ambassador, Eric Obure of Saints Worship Assembly in Gucha... finally, was David's host pastor Godfrey (Kenny) Magara

During his stay in Kenya, David visited at least 10 villages/churches and preached at each one.  There was a distinct effort to bring pastors together and to bring a unifying message to that region. Pastor Godfrey and his team of leaders were extremely open to these messages and took get strides in the right direction even in the time he was there. While David was staying with Pastor Kenneth (Godfrey's father and founder of East Africa Community Church), a vision was cast regarding a future school and orphanage.  They shared a plan with David that would take 2-3 years to implement.  He saw a different pathway and shared it with them.  They accepted his vision and immediately took action.  Within 3 months of his leaving, there is now an orphanage nearly ready to receive up to about 20 kids.  This orphanage will be under David's ministry as a Hope Rains Foundation Orphanage.

While in Kenya, David spoke at and attended a funeral (again...) and also attended the wedding and house blessing of Eric Obure and his beautiful wife. Wherever he went there was great enthusiasm for the Kingdom of God and he intends to return and do strategic crusades on his next visit.  He wants to call them the Muzungu Crusades...(the White man Crusades).  Wherever he went, the children especially would come running to see the "Muzungu!".  If that is what will draw them out to hear the Gospel, then so be it. 

Pastor Godfrey served so humbly and graciously that after he left Kenya, David offered him the role of Kenya Ambassador for RGWGM.  After prayer and consideration, he accepted.  Since that time he has done an outstanding job representing the priorities and vision of Red Gone White Church in that region. 



DECEMBER of 2018

Kenya was interesting in that it was the only country that we actually prayed for God to raise up a church or organization for us to work with.  First off, understand that we did not pursue a single association, relationship or partnership along the way.  Every single one of them found us and continued to initiate conversations and to request our services, resources and/or message.

However, early on out of Kenya we had met an exceptional young man named Shaban Solomon. We formed a parent-son relationship with him.  He is extremely gifted and anointed in the things of God.  It wasn't long before we all knew that he was meant to be part of this ministry.  And it seemed a shame for us to have 'feet on the ground' in Kenya, but no one to work with there.  This is why we started to pray for a door to open there.  In very short order we began talking daily with a Pastor in Kenya who found us like the others and wanted us to go to him.  His name is Vincent Obure. By the time David met Vincent, David had already been invited to be the sole presenter at a Pastor's Conference in Ghana.  Vincent told David about a week long street Crusade he was going to be doing.  The dates worked so well with the Ghana commitment that David decided to go and be a part of this crusade.  It was after setting the dates for the Kenya trip that David realized the opportunity to also go to Uganda.  Check out the story around that trip right HERE

Coming off the Uganda trip, we had just launched our ministry and a new church in Nsangi.  As a result of that process, we had a newly written Church Constitution in hand. (Read the constitution right here...RGWGM_Constitution_less_cover.pdf).  As we met our new friends in Kenya, they were very interested in what we had to say in this document.  We met two brothers (Vincent and his brother Eric).  These are both Pastors in the same area and have their own churches and school and off-sites.

Prior to our leaving for Africa David and Robin had JUST gotten ordained in order to strengthen their presence on a global level.  The word started coming to them through Vincent that they should come prepared to ordain and establish leaders.  Through reaching upward into the organization that ordained them, it became very evident that God was approving of this.  From there we designed our first Ordination Certificate.  Check it out HERE. 

Also note that Robin had returned home by then but that David was met in Kenya by his assistant Shaban Solomon. Over the course of the following week David and Shaban engaged heavily with both of these Kenya Pastors and all of their leadership teams.  They were involved with the week long open crusade and spoke directly to the youth and worship teams and preaching at each of their churches and became familiar with all of their off site churches and ministries (including a school which miraculously meets the needs of nearly 100 kids on a shoestring budget but with stellar leadership.) They engaged and preached at a funeral of a young 32 yo man as well.  By the end of the week, Vincent and Eric became intimately familiar with their message, their ways and their vision.  As well as the other way around.  Vincent and Eric were functioning under two banners, but feeling the need to unify more and more to be a stronger representation to the community on behalf of The Kingdom. 

So what made sense to everyone was for them to ALSO become Red Gone White Churches.  This served to unify them, and put the two churches under a single banner while also setting their eyes and leadership squarely on an End Times vision of ministry and the urgency that comes with it.  David and Shaban crafted a contract and left them copies of the constitution.  You can read a copy of each right here. 
Contract_of_Affiliation_RGWC.pdf and RGWGM_Constitution_less_cover.pdf.

Also by the end of the week Shaban and David had thoroughly met and interviewed and ministered with all of the candidates for ordination.  Shaban will be following up with these churches on a regular basis and ordinations and commissions will follow.

The last order of business before David's departure was his having the great pleasure and honor of publicly setting aside Shaban as a fully Ordained minister of the Gospel.  It was a beautiful service and established him as RGWGM's fully equipped representation in Africa.  Moving forward, Shaban (upon agreement with David and Robin) has the authority to also Ordain and establish more leadership in these and other churches. 

After six days of ministry in Kenya David was able to preach seven times.


Vision Statement:

"Arise and shine for your light has come!" Isaiah 60:1

Mission Statement:

Preparing The Bride

Stirring the Sleeping Giant


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Previous events

Stirring The Sleeping Giant

Pastoral and Leadership Conference, Mankessim

I was invited to be the keynote speaker of the all day event.  The Theme I chose was "Stirring The Sleeping Giant". I will address the sleeping giant 'in you', 'in your church' and 'in The Church'.  The Church has been silent, impotent, dormant and invisible for far too long!  The hour is near for the return of Jesus Christ.  He is coming back for The Church, His Bride, very soon.  She must be sanctified, purified and READY.  We need to be about His business and be found faithful and Glorifying His name. There is no more time for hesitation, doubt, fear, apathy or indecision.  The fog is lifting.  The grey is melting away.  The line between black and white is getting bolder and more clearly defined.  Onto which side of the fence will you fall when He pushes you off? Here is the event flyer...

"Seeking God" Open Crusade

5 Day Long Open Crusade, Ogembo, Kisii

For the duration of the weke that I will be in Kenya, there is an open crusade taking place,  This is hosted by The World Evangelical Gospel Mission Church in Kisii, Kenya.  This church was founded by Apostle Vincent Obure.  He will be very instrumental in the expansion of the Kingdom's cause in Kenya and beyond.  It will be my pleasure to serve with him in his community during this crusade and preaching at his home church on Sunday morning 12/16/18.

Official Launch of Red Gone White Global Ministries

RGW Global Ministries Official Launch, Masaka Rd, Nsangi

This is the first stop of very many countries that God has arranged for us to partner with in the expansion of His kingdom.  This celebration not only will establish this ministry as legitimate and officially "open", But we are also celebrating the Launch of RED GONE WHITE Church of Uganda/Nsangi!!! Literally over 1000 hours of prayer and fasting have gone into laying the foundation of this ministry, this Church and this celebration.  And we are also featuring the regionally renowned and award-winning worship dance team "Joyful Generation".   Watch for opportunity to engage and/or to Follow.