Pastor Godfrey Kennedy Magara - Kenya Ambassador


Pastor Godfrey Kennedy Magara (Kenny Junior) was born in Dec. of 1987 to a Pastor led Christian family.  At 15 years old after joining a Christian Union in High School, he started preaching every day before classes began. 

Shortly after High School, he received his diploma in Evangelism in Tanzania and was trained in missionary work while there as well as he moved from village to village preaching the Word of God.

By 20 years old, after graduation, he joined his father Kenneth Nyakwara’s ministry.  After receiving a dreamlike vision, he felt called to start his own ministry and fellowship.  After not much time had passed, he and his father agreed to merge their ministries.  Out of this was born the East Africa Community Church (which currently has at least seven locations).  The main campus is in Sengera, Kenya.

As a church, they focus on two major projects.  These are based on what the Book of James calls “pure and faultless religion”.  [JA 1:27- “to look after orphans and widows in their distress…”]  One is what they call the HIV AIDS Project.  In this project, they house and feed and bless widowed and/or infected women (and their children) and help them with medical and sustainability needs.   The second project is the establishment of an actual Orphanage for those kids and many others that they wish to bless and help put them in school.

This church also was the official host of Apostle David’s 2019 trip to Kenya.  During that time, they also hosted a conference put on by RGWGM themed “Building Up Unity/Tearing Down Walls”.  As a result of his humble yet outstanding leadership, Pastor Godfrey was extended an offer to become the Kenya Ambassador of RGWGM, he accepted, and with which has done an excellent job.  As Orphanages and schools continue to be built through this ministry, they will be affiliated with Hope Rains Foundation (another ministry of Red Gone White Church).  

Vision Statement:

"Arise and shine for your light has come!" Isaiah 60:1

Mission Statement:

Preparing The Bride

Stirring the Sleeping Giant


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