DECEMBER of 2019

Around May and June of 2019 David met two people who each greatly impressed him.  He met them individually and randomly.  They were both from Sierra Leone and both from the same region.

The first was Saffiatu Beatrice Farma and the other was Emmanuel Jongo. Saffiatu runs a mostly girl orphanage of about 200 kids. Her program is called Women Empowered toward Progress And Development (WEPAD). 

Emmanuel is the founder and CEO of Help the Needy by Faith. Through this organization, he had partnered with some donors and was able to get a school built and running. He was also responsible for the formation of a handful of churches throughout that region. 

Each of them is bold, hard-working and ambitious.  And each of them pursued an affiliation with RGWGM.  Over the summer and fall months, David got to know each of them quite well and decided to include Sierra Leone on his next trip to Africa.  Also over those months, David worked very closely with Emmanuel Jongo and helped him to rebrand and reform his organization into what is now known as Hope Rains Foundation. 

David is, in fact, a cofounder with Emmanuel.  Under HRF, schools and orphanages will be built, supported and facilitated through Red Gone White Church.  A new wing was built onto the school during those same months and David was able to "officially OPEN" the school during his stay in Sierra Leone. 

He met the many village leaders, stakeholders, teachers and Principal and School Mistress and the 402 amazing students! This is a 30-acre property with a new well recently dug by Living Waters Ministry.  Also while there, he fed all of the kids and guests and encouraged them to keep changing lives for the kingdom of God. 

David partnered with Pastor Joseph Johnbull of Nations Evangelistic Ministry (NEM) in doing two open crusades over three days.  One was at one of the Red Gone White Churches in the village of Mongrewo.  After this event, he was given a live baby goat (named "Why ME?" by Pst. Johnbull...hehe). The other crusade was held for two days at the school site.  Many youths were brought to Jesus and delivered from Satanic possession due to witchcraft and sorcery.  As a result of this crusade, a 500 seat capacity church is being planned and financed as we speak.

Finally, David had the great pleasure of going to Saffiatu's village/orphanage WEPAD-SL. He danced with many of the villagers and children.  Once again he met the village leaders, stakeholders, leadership team and orphans (200+!). After casting vision and encouraging them, he fed them all and prayed for them.  On his next trip to SL, he will bring a crusade to that village as well and launch a new church there also. 

While in Sierra Leone for six days, David preached six times.


Vision Statement:

"Arise and shine for your light has come!" Isaiah 60:1

Mission Statement:

Preparing The Bride

Stirring the Sleeping Giant


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Previous events

Stirring The Sleeping Giant

Pastoral and Leadership Conference, Mankessim

I was invited to be the keynote speaker of the all day event.  The Theme I chose was "Stirring The Sleeping Giant". I will address the sleeping giant 'in you', 'in your church' and 'in The Church'.  The Church has been silent, impotent, dormant and invisible for far too long!  The hour is near for the return of Jesus Christ.  He is coming back for The Church, His Bride, very soon.  She must be sanctified, purified and READY.  We need to be about His business and be found faithful and Glorifying His name. There is no more time for hesitation, doubt, fear, apathy or indecision.  The fog is lifting.  The grey is melting away.  The line between black and white is getting bolder and more clearly defined.  Onto which side of the fence will you fall when He pushes you off? Here is the event flyer...

"Seeking God" Open Crusade

5 Day Long Open Crusade, Ogembo, Kisii

For the duration of the weke that I will be in Kenya, there is an open crusade taking place,  This is hosted by The World Evangelical Gospel Mission Church in Kisii, Kenya.  This church was founded by Apostle Vincent Obure.  He will be very instrumental in the expansion of the Kingdom's cause in Kenya and beyond.  It will be my pleasure to serve with him in his community during this crusade and preaching at his home church on Sunday morning 12/16/18.

Official Launch of Red Gone White Global Ministries

RGW Global Ministries Official Launch, Masaka Rd, Nsangi

This is the first stop of very many countries that God has arranged for us to partner with in the expansion of His kingdom.  This celebration not only will establish this ministry as legitimate and officially "open", But we are also celebrating the Launch of RED GONE WHITE Church of Uganda/Nsangi!!! Literally over 1000 hours of prayer and fasting have gone into laying the foundation of this ministry, this Church and this celebration.  And we are also featuring the regionally renowned and award-winning worship dance team "Joyful Generation".   Watch for opportunity to engage and/or to Follow.