One week from leaving the USA

Today we are exactly one week away from boarding a plane to Uganda. We got our last round of travel shots today. And opened up our official RGWGM business checking account today as well. We have been getting all of our Christmas shopping done early as well because I am due back from the trip on Christmas Eve (assuming all goes according to plan).  I still have one Visa outstanding and should clear within the next 2 days.  From there my physical passport still has to make its way back to me.  Talk about coming down to the wire!

But God is very good and faithful.  We have nothing to fear. The stage is set for Him to show up and do a work through all of the servants and efforts and prayers that are behind this endeavor.  I am being sent to preach a message of urgency, expectancy, the closeness of the hour and the need to be ready and doing the Master's work.  It is my hope and expectation that the Body of Christ is to come together as one.  We will get over ourselves and set aside those things that separate us and build up and exploit those things that draw us together and unify us.  

We are in a season where The Holy Spirit wants to manifest in glorious and miraculous ways.  Unity, peace, growth and miracles will be the marks of this ministry. 

As a sidebar...I have been personally very blessed in another area the whole time this ministry was being born over the last 3 months.  I have been working on a 13 song CD for the last couple of years on and off.  Over the last 60 days all of the graphics came together for the cover and sleeve artwork and last night marked my final session of recording.  While I am away in Africa, the project will be final mixed and once approved by me it will get mastered.  From there (as funds allow), all I have to do is send it all out for production and duplication!  The CD happens to also be called RedGoneWhite. Allow me to share a sneak preview of what the CD will look like...


Obviously when it comes time to let you know about the release of this CD, I will share right here as well.  

What is God stirring inside of you?  What dreams has He laid on your heart or in your imagination? We are in a season of harvest.  Not just pumpkins and squash, but it is time to reap souls and to advance the Kingdom of God.  God could accomplish His will by the mere utterance of a single word.  BUT by some unfathomable mystery, He has chosen to accomplish His bidding through YOU and me!  Please be in prayer and meditation as to exactly what it is that God is trying to say or to do to, through, for and despite you today.

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