Week one in Africa

In the sharing of our story, I have pretty much jumped in to middle of things.  There is much that has taken place already in the last 3 months. So I will try to keep things moving in the telling of our African travels while ALSO alluding to some of what has transpired already.  

So in our African journey, the last you heard was regarding our first stop.   Our Uganda Ministry Launch and simultaneous Church Launch.  It is our extreme and humble privilege to be working so closely with their founding Pastor Epaphras Hamza.  He will continue as the Staff/Resident Pastor whenever we are not present.

What you see here is the actual Church Sign designed for this budding new Church.  Please be praying for God to give it ROOTS and much FRUIT.  Although Robin returns home the following day, I will spend many hours ministering to and getting to know the local residents and church members and current leadership over the duration of the week with them.  

On Dec 12 I will get driven to the Uganda/Kenya border.  From there I will be driven to the village of Ogembo Kisii.  From there I will be involved in a week-long open Crusade event with the theme of "Seeking God".  I will be meeting with a team of Pastors from that region to strategize about partnership and Kingdom expansion in that part of Africa. I will wrap up that week by preaching at their home church the following Sunday.

Enough for now about what we are trying to do on this trip.  Remember that the reason we are doing this is because 'the hour is near'.  There is no time to waste.  I live like Jesus could come back TODAY. why?  because according to Scripture and prophesy...He could!

Are you mindful of His presence in your life not only today, but every moment?  Do you know that Jesus MADE you?  And SAVED you? And LOVES you?  If not...I am hear to tell you that He does.

Be very blessed until next time... 

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    Great job. It's all very impressive. God bless you in Jesus

    Great job. It's all very impressive. God bless you in Jesus

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