A New Beginning

As we entered a new year, did you make a resolution? Will you keep it this year?  My daughter is very wise.  2018 had highs and lows.  People around her that know her story asked if she was ready to get 2018 behind her.  She told them no.  Last year she gave birth to her daughter.  She made some hard decisions for little Buggy and selfless as a mother  would .  You see our little cherub was born with a defect called vanishing gut.  It's extremely rare.  Instead of trying to beat the odds and have this precious bundle live a life of surgeries, temporal feeding, and painful treatments only to end up leaving us in the end.  She and Buggy's father made the tough decision to just let her be.  Buggy's life was her best time she wants to remember it not put it behind her.. Bug's death a month later was her hardest moment. she will never forget that.  She said that she wasn't going to make a resolution. She was going to continue to be her, to remember and cherish the short life of her daughter. She would continue to work on herself and try to make positive choices.  

Here's another tid-bit I've been thinking about.You can't appreciate the mountaintop until you've spent some time in the valley. My family has had many valley moments and it makes the view from the mountaintop so much more appreciated.   

So I think I'll take a lesson from my daughter. No resolution for me. I'll just step into the new year, being me, and striving to make positive choices in my life.

What do you think?


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